Paycheck Protection Program Application

To receive a PPP loan  from NextMark Credit Union, you must apply for a loan by clicking on the green button below. The approval deadline is August 8, so it is recommended that you start the application process asap. Once your loan is approved, you will be contacted by NextMark staff and provided with instructions on opening your business account.

Apply for your PPP loan . . .

There are two links below.  One link is to start a new PPP applicaction and the other is to update an application you have already started.   Please do not start multiple applications - that will only delay the processing of your application and there is not much time before the August 8 deadline.

Please read the web instructions carefully.

Please click this link to start a new PPP application . Do not start multiple applications.  Note:  When asked for the NAME at the start of the application, this is the name of the business unless self-employed such as an independent contractor or single-member LLC.  Please read the instructions. 

Note: You will be able to stop and return to our form at a later time. All information you provide is encrypted and transmitted to secure servers. Please use this secure site to provide information to us.  Do not email sensitive information or attached documents that contain sensitive information.

Updating your PPP loan . . .

If you have been asked to update your application or upload supplementary documents, please use the link below.  Also, you can check the status of your application at this link. Please read the instructions on the meaning of the status categories you will see.

If you need assistance . . .

The two links above take you to web instructions that are very detailed and will likely answer your questions about the process of applying or updating an application. 

We do not give legal, accounting, or tax advice on the content of your application.  We can only assist with the process.  You can visit on the web and follow the links to the PPP loan program for detailed instructions on the content of the application.

If the web instructions do not answer your question about the process of applying, you can email, but it may take several hours for us to respond.  We have found that more than 90% of the support emails we receive are for questions that are covered in the web instructions.